About Us

Our story

Today, our technology will help patients and staff in community care, mental health, secondary care, tertiary care, child protection and children in need.

Founded in 2013 by ex-NHS experts in engagement and OD, we listened carefully to our clients and built a set of products that respond to their needs. Initially providing content-managed solutions for staff and patients, we merged these into one powerful platform in 2015.  With happy customers NHS-wide, we are pretty confident that we can help you too!

Our ethos

We take pride in providing value for money and excellence in customer care  

Our people have an outstanding track record of listening to service users and turning what they hear into positive change for health and social care organisations. We are driven by results and we take pride in the value we add.

What we do

We can help you to engage in completely new ways

Our genuinely innovative products offer a completely unique toolkit for improving the user experience and unlocking the potential from your workforce.

Working with us

Our systems are designed for healthcare, by healthcare professionals

Not only do we meet all the expected standards of data security, we also work hard to be as sustainable as we can.

  • HSCN hosted for full security
  • Fully GDPR and DPST compliant
  • On G-Cloud for ease of procurement