On the podium at EHI Live

We were proud to share the podium at EHI Live.

Speaking on behalf of Mike Meers, Chief Information Officer at The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust Andrew Cockayne addressed a national audience on the topic “Apps in Use”.

Captive Health has worked tirelessly to deliver outstanding products that staff and patients at Ipswich Hospital really benefit from. The audience were able to hear this from staff themselves, in our new video.

 Staff Connect Launch Video

Andrew explained the Trust’s motivation for deciding to develop an app for staff. “About half of staff members regularly work away from a desk or PC. The Trust needs to find creative ways of communicating with them, and making sure they have the tools to do the job.” Staff Connect provides a great solution to this problem.

The Trust has implemented the Staff Connect Staff Engagement app from Captive Health. With future plans to add the Staff Insight module and Staff Portal for personalised communications we think that Mike and his team are bold innovators who put patients first.

After all, Trusts typically spend 60-80% of their budgets on people, and “change” means people doing things differently.  Staff Connect provides an important staff engagement mechanism, helping the Trust get it right for every patient who walks through the hospital’s doors.