Captive Health shortlisted for industry award

The team at Captive Health has been shortlisted for one of DataIQ’s esteemed IQ Talent awards.

This reflects our commitment to data-driven solutions that deliver outcomes for patients. We have created a genuinely unique suite of products that:

Increase efficiency by automating data manipulation and dissemination, thus creating savings for the public purse;
Improve quality by bringing customer insight into the range of quality metrics and results measures available to NHS providers
Generate insight by automating powerful analytics
Increase transparency by presenting highly accessible, real-time data to the end customer (closing the feedback loop)
Increase patient choice by presenting data in a format that makes it comparable across NHS providers, to assist patients in selecting the best provider. In so doing, acts as a driver of positive change for each NHS service manager.
Increase accountability by ensuring this key outcomes data is accessible to the mangers of NHS services though automated and personalised reporting

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