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Every provider in the health service is having to achieve more with less.

With Staff Connect you can innovate, inform and improve.


How we can help


Achieve ever more challenging cost saving targets

There is unequivocal evidence from multiple sources, including The Kings Fund, that good staff communication and engagement reduces costs, improves patient care, and result in fewer mistakes and safer patient care. 

We help you ensure your workforce are fully engaged in the process of change, allow you to personalise and target your communications in real time across teams/wards; rapidly assess staff feedback & views; and give your workforce a voice in the transformation process which ultimately means they are much more likely agree and adopt change programmes. Improve costs and patient care in one hit.


Attract new staff and drive recruitment

In a market where difficult to hire positions put the potential employee in an incredibly powerful position, how do you stand out form the crowd?

We help you to improve your employer branding: our innovative solutions set your organisation apart from the crowd by giving you a medium to openly share staff benefits, positive achievements and list vacancies.


Improve staff retention

Frozen pay reviews, agency flexibility and attractive packages abroad have made staff retention, for many organisations, a key challenge. Evidence shows that good, consistent staff engagement increases morale and benefits staff retention.

Our novel systems allow you to put key documents in your team’s pockets through their smartphones; share patient feedback in real time; empower your line managers to celebrate good quality; and motivate staff across all corners of the organisation.


Boost Staff morale

Despite the relentless pressures on your teams, those who work in the NHS are some of the most dedicated individuals about. But the noise levels are high, so how do you ensure you keep your staff engaged, their morale high and your messages on track?

Our solutions allow you to communicate directly with staff wherever they are, using whatever device they prefer; you can personalise communication, capture their views and opinions on a regular basis, praise them directly and broadcast achievements to their teams and across your wider workforce.


Bolster your organisational reputation and improve your brand as an employer

Improve your first impressions well before staff, patients and the public interact with your organisation.

In addition to jobs, benefits and virtual tours for new-starter orientation, our cutting edge solutions help you automate the process of personalising how you share information for staff and patients alike. Engage better with staff, patients and the public to help them understand your vision, goals and approach.


Maintain two-way communication through transformation

With over £3.8bn committed to service transformation, maintaining staff & patient engagement throughout often complex reconfiguration can be tough.

Utilise Patient and Staff Connect to send tailored messages to your staff & patients in real time throughout times of uncertainty.  We give you the tools to secure and analyse feedback, and engage with both staff and patients further in a timely manner. We enable you to ensure those affected by change have the right information at the right time. Put your plans into context and provide complete background information to stakeholders, allowing them the opportunity to draw fair and reasonable conclusions.


Drive quality

Evidence shows that patient feedback drives change and helps to inform how you target your quality initiatives. Couple this with staff insight and you have very powerful tools to drive your quality agenda. Adding an element of internal competitive spirit by sharing patient feedback can further ensure that your teams will actively engage to drive improvements standards.

We all know our front line staff have the best ideas.  Captive Health help to facilitate this process and make your staff local heroes. We help you ensure you know what is going wrong in your organisation before it escalates as well as make sure new ideas and changes are openly communicated across the whole organisation.



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