Interact is a skills check and personal development package for clinicians who communicate regularly with patients.

We provide you with the Interact best practice guide and audit tools and support you as you put them to use with your clinicians.

Interact helps clinicians to identify their strengths and weaknesses and improve their interaction with patients. It was originally created at the request of a Medical Director at a London hospital and has delivered extraordinary results.

The Interact product is the result of the study of 150 doctors interacting with patients in clinic and on ward rounds.

Designed with doctors for doctors, Interact has been shown to improve performance and generate positive patient feedback.

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Whether you chose to apply Interact to your Clinics, to your Ward Rounds, or to both, the programme comprises of

1. Scoping and refinement 
We speak to your team and look at your data to understand your needs. We then refine the Interact toolkit and observational audit tools for your organisation.

2. Capability building
We train your team to undertake observations of practice using the proven Interact methodology. We then continue to pro-actively support your people to get the most out of the toolkit through regular de-briefing, group discussion and 1:1 support.

3. Materials and certification
Your clinicians will be left with thier own bound copy of the Interact guide to best practice, a personal report on their strengths, weaknesses and areas for development, and certification ideally suited to appraisal and revalidation.

4. Final report
We will provide you with a final report in which we summarise the opportunities for organisational learning and propose next steps for your team.

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