IT Innovation Award

Captive Health are Finalists for Innovative Use of Technology at the 2014 PENNA Awards.

Captive Health, in partnership with trailblazing NHS Trusts have developed 2 new software suites, Patient Connect and Staff Connect.  We think they raise the bar for patient and staff engagement. It seems the PENNA Judges agree.

Aim and vision

The core aim is to bring the best public engagement tools from the private sector, nurture them in the NHS and create a suite of world class solutions for putting patients first in healthcare. We seek to put our clients in control, divorcing them from expensive software suppliers through clever content management; Automate routine processes saving time and money, and act ethically in our pricing. Our main aim is to spread the innovation across the NHS, for the benefit of patients.

Rationale & Context

Changing times:

  • 60% of the UK population now have a smartphone (this has been increasing 10% year on year)
  • 80% of browsing time on smartphones is on Apps rather than browsers.
  • People like to personalise the digital world, a social trend that healthcare has been slow to respond to

Consumers increasingly expect service providers to learn their preferences and tailor their offering.  Shoppers have long been happy to use loyalty cards, and internet shoppers are familiar with browsers suggesting useful products.  We seek to use these technologies for social good, helping healthcare providers to learn and anticipate people’s needs.

Employees are increasingly happy to use their smartphones for work purposes, and their expectations of technology are formed in a highly connected digital world. As far as we are aware, there is no dedicated staff engagement product for the NHS that measure sup to Staff Connect.


Patient Connect seeks to target users of healthcare services with accurate and relevant health literature, to use the smartphone as a platform for capturing feedback and to personalising content . Tasks are automated. People are connected.

With Patient Connect our clients can:

  • Make patient feedback more accessible
  • Create a new space that patients choose to access regularly
  • Promote patient involvement in new ways
  • Automate processes, reducing cost
  • Help trusts to save money on annual license fees for disjointed roducts
  • Build a platform for further development as needs arise in future

The solution enables us to filter online resources in a user-friendly way for our patients, providing relevant health literacy videos, tailored social media feeds, links to approved health literature, signposting to user groups, booking for antenatal classes, as well as the ability to provide feedback on the specific service used, close the feedback loop and promote choice and accountability both internally and externally.


Staff Connect is a product suite for staff engagement. Staff Connect Is a unique and world class staff engagement solution, without parallel in any sector.

With Staff Connect our clients can:

  • Enable staff to use the staff directory while on the go
  • Improve employer branding
  • Improve new-starter orientation
  • Cascade quality and performance information, trust-wide or team by team
  • Communicate policies and procedures, trust-wide or team by team
  • Integrate with social media for sharing content.

Until 2012, Captive Health’s Managing Director Andrew Cockayne was employed as Head of Patient Experience in the NHS, with a portfolio covering customer care, customer insight and Service Improvement.  He found IT solutions on offer sadly lacking, and left determined to plug the gap with better tools for the job.  Andrew teamed up with Captive Minds Communications Group to found Captive Health Ltd. With a growing team and expert leadership, Captive Health is listening, hearing and responding to patients and staff across healthcare.

[one_third]Click to learn more[/one_third] [two_third_last]What our clients say about Patient Connect:

  • Increased efficiency (by automating data manipulation and dissemination) thus creating savings for the public purse.
  • Improved quality, by bringing customer insight fully into the range of quality metrics and results measures available to the trust.
  • Ensuring that team by team, staff know what they have to do to improve. Increased transparency, by presenting highly accessible, real-time data to the end customer (closing the feedback loop)
  • Increased patient choice, by presenting data in a format that makes it comparable across NHS providers, to assist patients in selecting the best provider. In so doing, acts as a driver of positive change for each service manager.
  • Increased accountability, by ensuring this key outcomes data is accessible to the mangers of each service through automated and personalised reporting.
  • Reduce dependence on costly outside suppliers by enabling the Trust to maintain content through browser-based content management systems that sit behind each product.

Since go-live spring 2014 patients have completed some 15,000 sessions in the Patient Connect Apps.[/two_third_last] [two_third]What our clients say about Staff Connect :

  • Improvements in productivity of front-line staff by using unified digital communications.
  • Improvement in quality of patient care, by providing policy updates to targeted groups of staff, and closing the feedback loop, so the staff running a service can see in realtime what the patients using their service say about it.
  • Evidence of clinical effectiveness, by making performance information easily accessible to those members of staff who need it.
  • Improvements of FFT response rates.

Click here to find out more[/two_third] [one_third_last] Staff Connect

Impact = Innovation + Commercialisation

This product can easily be replicated for any organisation, anywhere.  The partnership with Captive Health as a provider ensures that a third party and not an NHS Trust has taken all the financial risk of development, and any NHS Trust can now access this technology quickly and easily at very low cost.

This innovation is now available from Captive Health as an ‘off the shelf’ solution. It can be implemented by any Trust in 4-6 weeks and represents extremely good value for money. Tips for a successful implementation include:

      • Involve stakeholders early in the project.
      • Use your comms team, design team and IT colleagues well. They don’t need to be involved but it really helps.
      • Get Exec support for the project.
      • Expect good value from external suppliers.
      • Be prepared for an interesting journey, and be creative along the way in response to feedback from all your stakeholders!
 Learning points

We believe these innovations to be a world class, and are certain that no other comparable products exist in healthcare. They represents a cashable benefits to clients (eg. saving money on license fees for a patient feedback solution) and automates numerous processes, making them more efficient.

These projects underpin and symbolise our clients’ commitment to a culture of patient centred care.

Success has been due to the extent to which we have listened to and involved patients and staff in the development projects, the strong creative partnership between the early adopter Trusts and Captive Health as a provider, and the strong commitment from the top of the organisations we work with.

Make it your own

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