New feature released for Junior Doctors App

Released on time and on budget,

Staff Connect has today received an upgrade to the Quality & Performance module.


What was the challenge?

Our friends at Tallaght University Hospital approached us with a challenge. We have a new cohort of Junior Doctors set to arrive a the hospital.  The medical leadership want to put a new repository of guidance in their pocket so they can learn from the NCHDs who came before them.


What was our solution?

We decided to upgrade our policy and performance module to enable administrators to add any number of items in any number of segments.

We introduced Segmented Navigation to this section of the Staff App.

We added targeting, so that only specified members of the staff group will see each segment of content in this module.


How did we approach the project?

As with all our projects, we try to go the extra mile.

We listened to the Project Steering Group’s requirements, understood their desired structure for the new content the medical leadership team were were creating for Junior Doctors and developed a functional spec for the upgrade. We then reviewed how other clients were using this feature and consulted with them before finalising our technical spec.

The new module of software was developed, tested and released on android and iOS, with control panel giving new tools to admin users. this work was done in parallel with the implementation project for Tallaght hospital, with release timed for a soft launch on 14th Jan, two week ahead of schedule.

With TUH happy, we then released this new module to all our clients at no additional cost.