New features added to Staff Connect

We’re proud to announce new features have been added to our powerful staff engagement suite.


Shared care plans

Patients & carers want to know what happens next. Now they always can, with a new Care Planning feature that you can keep up to date, wherever you are.

Join any caregiver to the team around the patient.

Send notifications to staff and patients when things change.


Policies, procedures and pathways for each team

We’ve always enabled you to share policies and procedures with your people.

Now the segments are fully dynamic, and you can target as many as you like, team by team.

Make sure everyone always has the information they need, in their pocket.


Seamless staff access

Allow staff to log in with their existing work username and password: no account creation, no authentication, no new administrative tasks.

Colleagues now just download Staff Connect to their own device, and login with their work username and password.

It couldn’t be simpler.


Staff Directory always up to date

Staff Connect now talks to your Active  Directory, so that your people can find each other, wherever they are.

Team details are automatically updated every day.

Customise your staff directory with advanced Selective Sync features.


Easy to manage, with Knowledgebase and Support

Our new integrated support widget now enables you to search the Knowledgebase directly within the Control Panel.

And if you need support, our Helpdesk team are always happy to help.


To find our more about Staff Connect, please click here, or get in touch!