New functionality released: Geo-Locate

We are constantly investing in our products and we have made this new feature available to all our clients at no extra cost.

What is it?

  • Location-specific hello and goodbye messages sent to the user’s handset as they enter and leave your site

How does it work?

  • It uses the smartphone’s GPS to work out where the user is in relation to the alert location. 

 What are the advantages?

  • Boost your FFT response rate:  If you have subscribed to our Patient Feedback module, the goodbye message automatically includes a link to give feedback.
  • Show that you care: A personal touch that makes patients feel that you have thought about them.

How do I switch it on?

  • You can add as many “Alert Locations” as you like. Just launch the Geo-Locate screen from your Control Panel enter your Alert Location, add a short welcome and goodbye message and hit save. That’s it, it’s live.

Learn more about our Apps by watching the short video, below: