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Save time and money by creating a great place to work

We are at Employee Benefits Live today, showcasing our staff engagement suite which helps you link customer feedback with staff reward. At Captive Health, we understand that an engaged and trusting workforce is more productive, more innovative and delivers greater customer ...
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Central London goes mobile

Captive Health today began working with Central London Community Healthcare on the implementation of a smartphone app. Captive Health's technology will soon provide patient services for patients of community healthcare running from 160 sites across 4 Boroughs in central and ...
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We are increasing customer focus in the NHS

Captive Health today joined a group of experts in supporting the national roll-out of the Friends and Family Test to the whole NHS. this programme aims to bring true customer focus to healthcare providers. Learn more about our unique approach ...
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Where does staff engagement and patient satisfaction come together?

We are today at a major conference with thought leaders offering provoking insight into how to create a high-trust culture.  The numbers add up: an engaged workforce is more productive, more innovative and offers better customer service. Get in touch ...
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