Product launch: myPAHT

Product launch: myPAHT

Staff engagement at Princess Alexandra Hospitals NHS NHS Trust


We were proud to be on site with the team at Princess Alexandra Hospital today, as the myPAHT app was launched to staff.

Commenting on the project, Trust CEO Lance McCarthy said “…this is a powerful tool that will really help us with scheduling messages to the right people in our workforce”. Initially users of Patient Connect, PAHT invited Captive Health to implement the Staff Connect app, complete with Staff Insight and Staff Portal, as part of a wider initiative to boost engagement at the Trust.

Communications Manager Lynsey Rowe commented “this will be really useful tool for the Comms team” and Shahid Sardar, Head of Engagement added “as we get more and more staff on the system, it will be transformational”.

Lance McCarthy, Chief Executive
Tasked with that goal are the HR team, this project is led by Abigail Pawlowski. Abigail commented: “many of our staff do not use staff emails or have hospital devices. The Staff App gives us a whole new way of reaching out to people”.

With plans to use Staff Portal an Staff Insight to automate the induction and new joiner process, the HR team are confident that Staff Connect will bring both improvements to ways of working and efficiencies to the Trust.

Staff engaging with the HR team at the Launch event
A member of staff scrolls through the new Staff App
PAH workforce lead Abigail Pawlowski (r) with Connected Tech Group CEO, Andrew Cockayne