Proud to showcase digital innovation

Captive Health was proud to be associated with London’s first major Digital Catapult event, today.

The event, designed to showcase innovation in the UK’s digital healthcare space, championed exciting new companies and ideas to an international audience.

Managing Director Andrew Cockayne took to the stage and told a compelling story “We all need to put patients at the centre of their care. But what does that actually mean?  We might get it right at the bedside, but as an institution, how do we show that we care?” He asked.

Patient Connect and Staff Connect are designed to do just that.  At Captive Health, we know that to get Patient Experience right, you have to engage your staff.

“More often than not, staff already have the answers” says Cockayne. ” …so how do you connect with the people whose loyalty you rely on?”

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ZenChu  AndrewSpeakingPhotos:

– Zen Chu of MIT gives the keynote speech
– Andrew Cockayne challenges the audience to think about how they connect with the people whose loyalty they rely on.