Resources for staff engagement

I have been doing a bit of research on staff engagement recently. This is nothing new, I used to be the HR strategy, performance and OD lead for the county’s largest social work employer. What’s new is that the resources available to staff engagement are growing, and there are now some really good toolkits out there.

So I thought I would pull these together.

I’ve also noticed that Staff Connect, the staff engagement suite offered by Captive Health, seems to be completely unique – we can’t find anyone else doing anything like it anywhere in the world. If you find otherwise, please do let me know!

So here goes. Here are some useful guides and resources for all the aspiring OD gurus out there.


The McLoed report set out four enablers of staff engagement. These are:

You can find out more on the Engage for Success website:


The CIPD’s detailed study with Kingston Business School that promotes a five-fold framework of:

  • Meaningful work;
  • Voice;
  • Senior management communication style and vision;
  • Supportive work environment;
  • Person–job fit; and
  • Line management style.

You can access the CIPD’s factsheets on employee engagement, here:


NHS Employers offer us an increasingly well-stocked toolkit and fully referenced set of resources. Theses are highly accessible and a must read for anyone doing staff engagement or planning workforce change work in the NHS.   What I particularly like about the NHS Employers resources is that they come with a passionate voice for employee engagement, a twitter feed, regular newsletter, case studies and celebrations of good practice.

staff engagement infographic In among all this, I found the most powerful 1-pager that I have stumbled across for a long time. If you haven’t seen it, click on the thumbnail shown here to download your 1-page business case for taking staff engagement seriously.

It starts with staff insight and ends with £35m of savings for the NHS. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get started!


This is by no means an exhaustive list, and staff engagement means different things to different organisations. I’m really interested in having conversations with people about the themes running through all this. So much so that we are offering 1:1 sessions at our upcoming roadshow.  So if you happen to be in Manchester, Bristol, Newcastle, Birmingham, London or Leeds over the next few months, why not come see us as we go on tour? Please click here to find out more.


 Andrew Cockayne is Managing Director at Captive Health. In previous roles has been both a Head of Patient Experience in the NHS and an HR Strategy lead in social care. He is a member of the institute of customer service (CMICS) and has spent his whole career promoting service improvement in the public sector.