Strategy services

We can help you put your service users at the heart of everything you do.

Our people have expertise in leading strategic change in organisational development, patient experience and performance in the NHS and social care.

Ask us to provide a review of your current approaches and develop recommendations for change. You may want us to take a detailed look at one piece of your customer insight jigsaw, review how a division of your organisation works, or take a look at ways of working across your whole operation.

After a thorough review, we’ll provide you with an analytical report and a set of recommendations for next steps.

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We have an outstanding track record in delivering service improvement.

We help you explore a problem, draw on your organisation’s creativity and insight to develop solutions, and work with you to implement change.

We combine our customer insight expertise with our experience in people and change management to deliver sustainable and embedded solutions. We communicate with you throughout to co-design and co-manage the changes you want. And you continue to realise the benefits long after we have left.

We have a highly collaborative approach to designing and delivering our projects, because we know that successful projects have lasting results. This usually means that your people have to be properly involved, and have ownership of the to find out about past projects.

We can help you change the culture of your organisation.

Whether you have devised new corporate objectives and want to cascade these effectively to your staff, or feel that your traditional performance framework leaves something to be desired, we can help you take the right approach to people and performance.

With the full set of organisational development skills to bring to this work, we will ensure that this project becomes a turning point for your organisation.