Support for iOS11+

iOS10 is an old friend, but sometimes you just have to let go.

With only 3% of Apple devices still using iOS10 and earlier, we have decided that it’s the right time to start phasing out support for those older devices.

And we are in good company. If you still have an older Apple device, you’ll be increasingly familiar with that warning message on App Store: “Sorry, this app is not compatible with your device”.

For the geeks among us, the reason lies with dependencies – or in other words all the building blocks that apps rely on to function. If any one of those falls out of date, then the rest start to complain. Tech just never stands still, and Apple in particular likes to push the innovation.

So, from April 2020, new releases of our apps will be compatible with iOS11+ which was released way back in 2017.

Users with older devices will sill be able to use the earlier versions if already downloaded, but to benefit from the latest technologies, people will need a device that runs iOS11 or higher.

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