Whittington Health: Ready for go live

We spent the day today with the team at Whittington Health preparing for launch.

After careful planning and input from colleagues across the Trust, the project at Whittington Health is now set for go live.

We have a carefully managed approach to implementation that starts and ends with us listening to our clients.

Many of the people we work with may never have bee involved in an IT implementation before so we are always careful to use simple language and move at a pace that our clients feel comfortable with.

We know how important stakeholder relationships are, so we are careful to ensure we have a clear scope and we stick to the brief.

Commenting on the project, Captive Health Managing Director Andrew Cockayne said:

Once again, our client servicing team have done themselves proud. This was a complex project, frustrated by the 2020 COVID pandemic. Everybody has worked hard in difficult circumstances to ensure that the OurWhit Health project is delivered to spec and on time.

We have enjoyed working with the team at Whittington Health and look forward to seeing them reap the benefits over the months and years to come.